samedi 13 mars 2010

Jack Trax "The Fifth Album"

Une des compilations sur le label Jack Trax, un pur régal .....
Sortie 1987
J.M Silk "All In Vain"

Liz Torres "Mamma'S Boy"

Master C & J "In The City"

Fingers Inc "Never No More Lonely"

Pfortune "String Free"

Mickey Oliver " Pump Up The Beat"

Candy J "Some Things May Never Change"

Mr Fingers "Amnesia"

Bang The Party "Release Your Body"

Pierre's Pfantasy Club "Dream Girl"

House Gang "Cool J Traxx"

Mickey Mixin' Oliver "In-Ten-Si-T"

MayDay "Sinister"

Model 500 "Interfearance"

Model 500 "Electronic"

Model 500 "No Ufo'S"


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