dimanche 30 janvier 2011

The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago

Ce coffret est composé d'un livret et de 12 vinyls, malgré des nombreux sites de ventes
en ligne ce genre de box est dur a trouver en excellent etat,
La pochette de chaque disque
Voici les photos du livret vous faites un clic sur chaque photos pour lire le texte

The Tracks That Built The House

Side 1
Colonel Abrams "Trapped"

Shirley Lites "Heat You Up"

Candido "Jingo"

Positive Force "We Got The Funk"

Frist Choice "Let No Man Put Asunder"

Side 2
Jimmy Bo Horne "Spank"

Two Man Sound "Que Tal America"

Sharon Redd "Can You Handle It"

Geradine Hunt "Ca't Fake The Feeling"

Sparque "Let's Go Dancing"


The tracks That Built The House

Side 1
D'Train "You'Re The One For Me"

Raw Silk "Do It To the Music"

Ripple "Beat Goes On"

Klein & Mbo "Dirty Talk"

Martin Circus "Disco Circus"

Side 2
Fat Larry's Band "Act Like You Know"

T-Connection "At Midnight"

D'Train "Keep On"

Telex "Moskow Diskow"

Instant Funk "I Got My mind Made Up"

D.J. International - The Early Years

Side 1
J.M.Silk "Music Is The Key"

Arrogance "Crazy"

Donnie "The It"

Shawn Christopher "People Of All Nations"

Chip.e Inc Featuring K.Joy "Like This"

Side 2
Farm Boy "Move"

J.M.Silk "Shadows Of Your Love"

Mark Imperial "J'adore Danser"

White Knight "Never Give Up"

Fingers Inc "A Path"

The Underground Tracks

Side 1
Liz Torres Feat Kenny'Jammin Jason "What You Make Me Feel"

The House Rockers Feat Frankie Hoolywood "Everybody Do It"

House People "Godfather Of House"

E.S.P "It's You"

Tryee Feat Chic "I Fear The Night"

Fingers Inc "It's Over"

Raz "Amour Puerto Riqueno"

Fingers Inc "Mystery Of Love"

Steve Silk Hurley "Jack Your Body"

Professor Funk & The House Brothers "Work Your Body Rap"

D.J. International Classics

Side 1
Mario Reyes "What Ever Turns You On"

Farley Jackmaster Funk feat Ricky Dillard "It's U"

Chip E "Time To Jack"

Femme Fion "Jack To House"

Mk II "Used By Dj"

Side 2
Kenny Jammin Jason Wiht Fast Eddie Smith "Can U Dance"

Fingers Inc "It's Over"

Dymond "Wild About Your Love"

Chip E "If You Only Knew"

Julian Jumpin Perez Feat Connie V "Jack Me Til I Scream"

Trax Classics

Side 1
Adonis "No Way Back"

On The House Feat Marshall Jefferson "Ride The Rhythm"

Farley Jackmaster Funk "Funking With The Drums Again"

Farm Boy "Jackin Me Around"

Boris Badenough "Hey Rocky"

Side 2
Marshall Jefferson "Move Your Body"

Sampson Butch Moore "House Beat Box"

Sweet D "Thank Ya"

Kevin Irving "Children Of The Night"

Phuture "Acid tracks"

Une erreur pour le titre "Acid Tracks" de Phuture ,
il s'agit du titre "Your My Friends"

The Chicago Independends

Side 1
Farley Jackmaster Funk Feat Daryl Pandy "Love Can't Turn Around"

Denise Motto "Imnxtc"

Ralphi Rosario Feat xavia Gold "You Used To Hold Me"

Libra Libra "I Like It"

Liz Torres feat Edward Crosby "Can't Get Enough"

Side 2
The House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House "House Nation"

On The House "Pleasure Control"

The Force "It's Ok It's Ok"

Hercules "7 Ways"

Ramos "The Jackin National Anthem"

The Anglo - American House

Side 1
Blaze "Whatcha Gonna Do"

Mel & kim "Showing Out"

Cleavage "Barah"

Phil Fearon "Ain't Nothing But A House Party"

Harlequin Four's Feat Barbera Tucker "Set It Off"

Side 2
Jack n Chill "The Jack That House Built"

Raze "Jack The Groove"

Kissing The Pink "Certain Things Are Likely"

Cutural Vibe "Ma Foom Bay"

Mirage "Jack Mix 2"

The Anglo - American House

Side 1
Nitro Deluxe "This Brutal House"

Jack E Mokassa "The Opera House"

Mel & Kim "Respectable"

Gary L "Time"

Wired "To The Beat Of The Drum"

Side 2
2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican "Do It Properly"

Lenny D & Tommy Musto "Everything Bamboo"

Wally Jump Junior And The Criminal Element "Turn Me Loose"

Movement "The Movement"

Home Wreckers "Jackin"

The Lost tracks

Side 1
Risque Rhythm Team "122 House"

Matt Warren "Way To My Heart"

Mink "What Does It Take"

Rhythim Is Rhythim "Nude Photo"

Philly Cream "Love Can't Turn Around"

Side 2
Quest "Mind Games"

Kreem "Triangle Of Love"

Master Plan "Electric Baile"

Billie "Nobody's Business"

Thompson & Lenoir "Can't Stop The House"

The House Remixes

Side 1
Chic "Jack Le Freak"

Loleatta Holloway "Hit And run 88 Gotta Be Number One"

Dalis "Rock Steady"

Cerrone "Supernature"

Patrick Adams Feat Lari Lee "Jack In The Bush"

Side 2
Freeez "I.O.U"

Paris Grey "Don't Marke Me Jack"

John Rocca "I Want It To Be Real"

Turntable Terror Trax Vol 2 "Let's Begin"

Farley Jackmaster Funk And The Shy Boyz "U Ain't Really House"

House -The Future

Side 1
Criminal Element Orchestra "Put The Needle To The Record"

Jelly Bean Feat Steven Dante "The Real Thing"

Kelly Charles "You're No Good For Me"

L.A Mix "Don't Stop Jammin"

Rhythim Is Rhythim "Strings"

Side 2
M.A.R.R.S "Pump Up The Volume"

Full House "Communicate"

Secret Secret "We Came To Jack"

T-Coy "Carino"

The Beatmasters Feat The Cookie Crew "Rock Da House"