samedi 13 mars 2010

The Definitive Story "Chicago House 86-91"

Une très bonne compilation qui reprend des succès des années 86-91.
Sortie 1997
Marshall Jefferson "Move Your Boby"

Farley Jack Master Funk "Love Can't Turn Around"

Terry Baldwin "Housemaster"

Phuture "Acid Trax"

Kevin Ivring "Children Of The Night"

Adonis "No Way back"

Mr Lee "Come To My House"

Housemaster Boys "House Nation"

Curtis Mc Clain "Let's Get Busy"

Sleazy D "Lost Control"

Jungle Wonz "Bird In Guilded Cage"

Ralphi Rosario Feat Xavier Gold "U Used To Hold Me"

Mr Fingers "Can You Feel It"

Sceamim' Rachel "The real Thing" (Carl Bias Mix)

Kevin Ivrine "Ride The Rythm"

Jungle Wonz "The Jungle"

Maurice "This Is Acid"

Hercules "Lost In The Groove"

Frankie Knuckles "Your Love"

Paris Grey "Don't Make Me Jack"

Phuture "Your Only Friend"

Phortune "String Free"

Jesse Valez "Grils Out On The Floor"

Robert Owens "Bringing Down The Walls"


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