mardi 18 décembre 2012

Dj Hell X-MIX 5 "The Tracks"

Dans la playlist de DJ Hell des titres connus pour les amateurs House-Techno.
Sortie 1995
LP 1
E-Dancer "Pump The Move"

Etat Solid "Think About It"

The Sound Vandals "On Your Way"

Smooth Groove "Tronik House"

LP 2
Random Noise Generation "Hysteria"

Nick Holder "Erotic Illusions"

Dj Hell "My Definition Of House "

Bobby Konders "Let There Be House"

LP 3
Steve Pointdexter "Let's Work That MotherF..."

Phortune "Can You Feel The Bass"

Ron Trent "The Afterlife"

Mike Dearborn "New Dimension"


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