lundi 7 mai 2012

Laurent Garnier "Join Hands remixes"

Sortie 1991


Voici un deuxième mix de Laurent Garnier sur BBC One "Essential Mix" 1994

La playlist
Laurent Garnier - "The Force" (F.Communication) The Sunshiners - "Ailleurs" (Gobb 2) Goldfiner - "All Those Trees" (Superstition) Laurent Garnier - "Harmonic Groove" (F.Communications) Joey Beltram - "Flash Cube" (Trax) Green Velvet - "From Outer Space" (Relief) Moby - "Move" (Mute) Luke Slater - "Orient" (Superstition) Santonia - "Kisses" (Tresor Berlin) Insatiable - "Your Love" (Big Big Trax) Darlene Lewis - "Soul Fly Free" (KMS) Wonders & Signse - "All We Need" (TCB Music) Sterac - "Sitting On Clouds" (100% Pure) Pluto - "Pluto's Retreat" (Rare Grooves 02) Sluts 'N' Strings & 909 - "In Your Pretty Face" (Cheap) Laurent Garnier - "Astral Dreams" (F. Communication) RAC - "Oscillator" (Warp) Feedback Element - "Rainfall" (F.Communication) Skyman 1 - "Focus" (Dance Mania) Mark Bernard - "Load" (Dance Mania) Laurent Garnier's - "Silver String" (F. Communication) Utah Saints - "Highlander" (ffrr) DJ Hell - "Hot On The Heels Of Love" (Disko B) Scan X - "Cardia" (F.Communications) Sound Engineer - "Re-Enforcement" (Rising High) Iberian - "Boiling Eggs" (F. Communication) Evolution Of Time EP - "Epsilon Nine" (Undefined) Laurent Garnier - "Bouncing Metal" (F. Communication) Sole Wave - "The Aftershock" (Detrechno) Mystic Force - "Mystic Force" (PSY Harmonics) Laurent Garnier - "Raw Cut" (F. Communication) DJ Joe Vannelli - "Play With The Voice In USA" (Sorted)

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